Thank you for visiting my weather forecast page and taking an interest in the weather for Lincoln and Sanders Counties here in beautiful Northwest Montana. I have made a goal to provide local, accurate and reliable weather forecasts for our region which, as with anything that you put your heart to takes a considerable amount of time. Like the old saying, time is money. While I do not try to make a living by providing weather forecasts for our region, it does cost money to keep the web site running so in that regard, I actually loose money every year due to the fees involved in maintaining a web site, the web site address and the purchase, installation and maintainence of the Libby weather station. I have been challenged by a close friend of mine to set up this "donate" page as anyone who knows me knows that I never ask for money from anyone so in this regard I am taking a leap of faith. Whether or not people donate to the web site and help me offset my costs will not determine whether or not I keep writing the weather forecasts. I do the forecasts because I am passionate about our local weather and wish to serve our communities to the best of my ability. I do however, thank you for your consideration in donating and am hugely grateful for any and all amounts that come in. My goal is to improve on the accuracy of the weather forecasts and eventually to have live weather conditions on the web site for the Libby weather station situated near the Libby airport in a field adjacent to my home. Once again, thank you so much to all of you who continue to support and encourage me in the weather forecasting. I take great joy in providing all of you in Lincoln and Sanders Counties with accurate and reliable weather forecasts. I live here too so I know how important it is to have accurate, local weather forecasts. Thank you again and God bless you!